Police officer is reporting that he arrested a bandit

P25 is predominantly used by Public Safety and Defence organisations throughout Australia.

Whereas it was seen to be the domain of the major manufacturers, P25 is increasingly being implemented by companies such as Future Systems.

At Future Systems, we have developed significant capability in P25, with products and systems providing voice, data, text, AVL and telephone interconnect functionality integrated in house. We are currently working closely with Benelec to provide an Australia wide P25 network to a federal public safety agency. Future Systems provided a large Omnitronics dispatch system with 80+ desks spanning the country for this network and we are currently working on a combined voice and data system destined for another state wide public safety in WA.

We are one of a very few vendor independent organisations with significant experience in P25, able to provide any size P25 system using multiple vendors to obtain the most cost effective, maintainable and intuitive solutions in the industry.

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