HF SSB has its origins in the Traeger Peddle Radio used by the Royal Flying Doctor Service and only really started to disappear once satellite and mobile phone communications became commonplace and affordable.

Today’s common use of HF is for those looking for a more affordable option to Satellite Phones and for those travelling in the more remote areas of Australia but requiring a back up means of communication to their satellite phone, and those requiring a broadcast feature rather than one on one communications.

Over the past 2 years, Codan in particular has released the Codan Envoy HF transceiver which is digital capable (voice and data). Voice communications in a digital mode is much closer to the quality expected from VHF and UHF systems and in addition, digital voice often works where no analogue communications is possible.

Future Systems has become a specialist in HF communications and is recognised by Codan as one of a select few integration partners in Australia. We use the Envoy and its predecessor the NGT in our 5 site Australia wide HF network providing HF SSB text and GPS data to Mobile Phone SMS or to email. We also have GPS location services which allow our users to leave position reports on our server which can be retrieved by family and friends (with a user name and password) at any time via the internet.

The other HF product we support is the Flex Radio commercial product range aimed at the surveillance and search receiver sector. Flex manufacture 32 channel synchronous 200KHz bandwidth receivers (allowing one receiver to simultaneously receive up to 32 x 200KHz sections of the HF spectrum, placing the received signals on a streamed IP transmission for further processing.


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