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Dispatch systems bring the command function of an organisation to the field via radio systems. At Future Systems, we predominantly use Omnitronics’ RediTalk, DX Altus and Omnicore systems to bring the full functionality of our radio systems to the finger tips of its command centres.

Our largest system provided is also Omnitronics’ second largest system ever delivered and brings 1800 terminals across Australia to 80 separate command positions, including 2 large systems capable of accessing the entire network and 5 regional command centres capable of accessing state-wide networks. The system is used for voice, text and AVL services.

In addition to the larger systems we have delivered, many of our transceiver suppliers also produce small dispatch systems optimised for their own product lines.

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Ideal for small organizations to large enterprise scaling beyond 100 operators and/or 200 channels, omnicore has the flexibility to grow with demand. It is compatible with existing tried and proven Omnitronics gateways and features omniconnect interoperability for those wanting to connect people, technologies, protocols and manufacturers.

Omnicore Console Light
RediTALK Flex

The complex and varied tasks of dispatching have been simplified in the RediTALK-Flex dispatch console. Packed full of features, this powerful radio dispatch software has the ability to conduct a range of operations – from routine to mission-critical – with high reliability and efficiency.

RediTALK Flex Console with Tablet


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