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Future Systems is the Australian Distributor for Flex Radio. Flex Radio make the most advanced Software Defined Radios in the Amateur market as well as extremely high quality and cost effective software defined search receivers specifically designed for base sites and surveillance.

We keep stock of most if not all Flex products in Australia for immediate delivery and we look after warranty from Australia. We take AUD, USD or Euro by cash, bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. We also have EFTPOS facilities in our Perth and Melbourne offices.

Want to see Flex Radio represented at your ham event? Call us to discuss further. Our product champions for the Flex range are active hams (VK6SJ and VK3ATV), as well as being established in the professional communication systems sector. We enjoy showing this world class product and we don’t need much of an excuse to visit any ham events we can!

The Flex range of radios start with the very affordable Flex 1500 5W radio, specifically designed as a transverter driver, but is equally good as a QRP entry level radio for those wishing to try the SDR concept without the expense of the high end Signature series transceivers.

FlexRadio Systems designs, manufactures and supports two lines of HF transceivers for the amateur market. Our newest offering from FlexRadio Systems is a family of digital direct sampling (DDS) radios, the FLEX Signature Series, that offers support for anywhere from four to eight receivers depending on the transceiver model. The FLEX Signature Series operates with our newest software offering, SmartSDR, which is setting new standards for software defined radio solutions.

The Signature series transceivers, the Flex 6300, 6500 and 6700 are 100W transceivers with varying processing power and abilities to receive multiple “slices” (allowing multiple bands to be monitored at any one time).

All Flex radios use Flex’s intuitive and flexible PC software – SmartSDR, to drive the radio. All improvements in the radio as it develops are in either firmware or in SmartSDR so as features develop in the radio soft/firmware, existing users reap the benefits as they occur!

Flex’s Smart SDR software is intuitive, robust and very easy to install and use. Our first experience with this transceiver and Smart SDR had us not only on th eair within 30 minutes of taking the radio out of the box, but also fully integrated with HRD and JT65-HF!

The newest product from Flex is the Maestro, a tactile user interface that allows the radio to be used without your PC. Most features of SmartSDR are available from the remote head providing the best of both worlds. This option is the a must have for the serious contester who wants the world’s best ham radio with the quick intuitive user interface of the old style of locally controlled radio.

Maestro User Interface

In addition to the Maestro remote GUI, Flex also produce a very reasonably priced USB connected tuning knob, allowing a VFO feel to the touch screen compatible Smart SDR operating application.


Still not sure that the Flex Radio the software defined radio for you? Contact us to find out more or order online if you’re ready.

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