Codan Envoy Rental

Many of our users of the HFoZ network use our network for less than a month per year. We understand that many will be unwilling to invest in a new radio as new features become available (like our fantastic HFoZ email and SMS features for instance). There may be a temptation to buy a second hand “previous generation” or older radio instead.

2221 Mobile Handset and Codan Mobile Transceiver

2221 Mobile Handset and Codan Mobile Transceiver

Now at Future Systems, we are pleased to offer the option of renting a current model Codan Envoy X1 transceiver complete with all accessories to fit this great radio to your vehicle for only the time you actually need it. In addition, the rental radio also comes with free access to our HFoZ network.

We will provide you with a current model Codan Envoy X1 complete with all mobile accessories required to set up the radio, including auto tuning antenna, bracket suitable for fitting to a tow bar. We can install it for you, you can fit it yourself, or engage a local company to install it.

Rental has the following advantages:

  • 100% tax deductable when use is for business purposes
  • You always have the latest model of radio
  • As our network grows, you will always have access to its latest capabilities

Want to try before you buy? Why not rent an Envoy from us and receive 50% of your rental back as a discount off your purchase (Conditions apply).

Please note that Prices are on a per hire bases with the exception of the monthly transceiver hire.

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