Project Management

Project Management is where our business grew from in 2008 and continues to be the cornerstone of our company.

We have managed on behalf of some of our clients projects totalling over $100M, with a number of our projects valued between $20M and $30M. We have excellent processes for project and engineering management and our processes are based primarily on PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) principles.

We have managed our own projects as well as representing both the client and the contractor on other projects. Management of projects from the client perspective is very much different to management from the contractor end and our breadth of experience on both sides of the fence gives us an ability to understand both sides of the coin and is always well received by both all stakeholders.

We are currently managing a $20M+ Australia wide project for Benelec, as well as a number of smaller projects of our own currently totalling around $2M.

We have good templates, processes and financial and program management tools that allow us to manage our projects extremely well.

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