Base Station Infrastructure

2015-TETRA family

Base Station Infrastructure is an important part of the product range we offer and is the core of our engineering and development effort.

We provide Analogue, P25, DMR, TETRA and HF Digital Voice infrastructure for use in customised radio networks developed individually for each customer’s requirements.

In addition to the actual Base Station Radios, we also design, supply install and maintain Power Supplies, Filtering, Antennas and Feeders, Buildings, Masts and console systems used to provide a complete turnkey solution to your communications needs.

We typically offer the following infrastructure products:

  • Base Station Transceivers;
    • Analogue and P25 – Eclipse 2 Base stations from RFT
    • DMR – Hytera Base Stations
    • TETRA – Hytera and DAMM Base Stations and switches
    • Amateur Radio – Flex Radio Systems
    • Search and Surveillance – Flex Radio
  • Solar
    • Solar Panels – Canadian Solar
    • Batteries – Sonneschien and SunExtender
    • Regulators, distribution and rectification – Eaton
  • Masts and Towers – Future Engineering & Communications
  • Filtering
    • EMR Corp
    • Benelec
    • RF Industries
  • Antennas and Feeders
    • Benelec
    • RF Industries
    • Commswest


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