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Future Systems began its life as Milpeak Pty Ltd in 2002 to deliver our first project in a granite mine in Bangladesh. We designed, supplied, installed and commissioned several systems, including a Train Location System and simple non-vital underground railway signalling and control system for the mine.

The company became a full-time operation in 2008, based in the Hunter Valley, NSW. We focused on providing engineering and project management services to the mining, oil & gas and rail sectors.



Our first turnkey project was awarded in 2010, providing a TETRA system to a gold and copper mine in South Australia.

We also worked on the Gorgon project (design services for the TETRA network) and a train radio development project with Pacific National.

Milpeak relocated Osborne Park, WA, to be closer to the mining sector as we became involved in projects with Atlas Iron and Roy Hill.

We supplied engineering resources to a project based in Los Angeles, designing a narrow band mobile data radio network for L.A. County.

We were also involved in a number of other projects throughout Australia as well as in Sri Lanka.



2014 marked an important milestone within the business with Future Engineering and Communications taking a share in the company to accelerate our growth. As a result we were also able to provide them with a Systems Integration capability.

We re-branded from Milpeak Pty Ltd to Future Systems (Aust.) Pty Ltd.

Early in 2015, we partnered with Benelec Pty Ltd to win and then deliver a nationwide P25 digital radio network for a federal agency. We manage the project on behalf of Benelec as well as to provide the console network, towers and solar DC supplies. We also carrying out the installation and commissioning of the system in WA, NT and Christmas Island.

2015 included a number of other business building activities including the purchase of two HF networks (HF Oz and Radtel), appointment as a dealer for Omnitronics, RF Technology and Codan, and we re-branded the business to Future Systems (AUST.) Pty Ltd. The business has expanded to over 10 very experienced engineers, managers and senior technical officers.


Future Systems Timeline


In early 2016 we moved to Malaga, with further expansion of capability and personnel. We are also partners with Hytera and Flex Radio.

In 2016 we opened our Melbourne office.

Our Future Systems head office relocated to a more modern premises in Wangara, WA.

We closed down our Melbourne office and sold the HF Networks to refocus on our core activities.


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