Future (Public) Safety Systems

Australia or State Wide P25 Voice and Data Networks - integrated with Dispatch and IT systems

Public Safety has traditionally been the realm of the larger integration businesses in our industry. We are seeing a trend towards agencies wanting better value for money and working with more customer focussed nimble organisations such as ourselves.

Public Safety Communications Systems have very particular requirements compared to the mining, transport and enterprise sectors. The systems have stringent safety and mission criticality requirements. More so than even the mining sector, public safety personnel rely on communications in often life threatening situations. Security, covertness, extreme reliability, ergonomics and intuitiveness are all key factors when choosing equipment and integration partners.

Our personnel hold appropriate Australian security clearances and are working on some of the larger public safety projects currently in progress in Australia. We are a key member of a team recently chosen for an Australia Wide Public Safety Communications project being delivered throughout 2015-1017.

Interoperability between agencies is an area we are particular skilled in. We have built systems allowing not only multiple agencies but also multiple technologies to be interconnected seamlessly.

We are also pushing the boundaries of existing technology to maximise value for money for our Public Safety Clients. Integration of HF systems using digital voice and IP connectivity to extend the range of traditional U/VHF. In addition, most of our technology partners are Australian owned!

Future Systems solutions ensure Fixed Back Bone Infrastructure, Portable / Temporary Repeaters, Vehicular and Handheld Terminals, control and dispatch centres and support services are supplied after listening to the client’s critical mile stones and goals. We realise that every user has its own mandate and this is where Future Systems extensive experience in the radio Industry will come to the fore to ensure a final outcome is the only outcome a user’s would expect from a professional service.

Technologies that are often tabled for consideration

  • Voice over Internet protocol (VOIP)
  • Vehicular/Handheld VHF/UHF Trunking (Third Party Network provider)
  • Dispatch and Control Centre
  • Vehicle Tracking (GPS and geo fencing)
  • Messaging – Text and Video
  • Telephone Interconnect
  • Iridium Push to Talk (talk anywhere in the world)
  • Telemetry (Control and Monitor remotely)
  • Leaky Feeder (tunnel and Voice and Data re-distribution systems)
  • Data Applications

Protocols Used or combined to provide these technologies users require:

  • Analog (Legacy Systems)
  • DMR (Digital Mobile radio)
  • Tetra (Terrestrial Trunked Radio)
  • P25 (Project 25 or APCO P25)
  • Microwave
  • Satellite
  • LMDR (Land Mobile Digital Radio – HF SSB Long Distance Communications)
  • Wi-Fi – WiMAX
  • Bluetooth