Future Mining Systems

Turn Key Project Delivery of Voice and Data Networks using Analogue, TETRA and DMR Technologies

Mining Communication is an area where our team has extensive experience.

We have experience in mining construction, open pit, underground and large area strip mining environments.

No one mine is the same as another. Specific manufacturing processes, channel capacity requirements, work environment, personal, functionality, contractor integration, planned coverage change, regulatory issues, OH&S are all factors that need to be allowed for.

Digital solutions, such as DMR and Tetra, are bringing new functionality to the mining sector increasing capacity and integrating a range of communication and telemetry services that improve efficiency and capability

No matter what technology is on site or is planned for the immediate and long term future; to customise this specific technology to maximise its functionality and provide users the capability in safety, managerial and operational interaction is exactly what we do.

No matter the complexity of the situation there is always ways of extracting further technology by extracting options, features and software modifications that a normal person in the street would never know existed. Ticking the right boxes is our passion which provides the crucial link to the workforce.

Let us show you the benefits of high performing

  • Tetra
  • DMR
  • Analogue
  • Tunnel Communications ( Leaky Feeder design )
  • HF SSB
  • Dispatch
  • Microwave Backhaul
  • Remote Control
  • Personal Tracking
  • Vehicle Automatic Location
  • Geo Fencing (Automatic Emergency Zoning and Automatic Channel Allocation)