Future Health Systems

Scalable voice, data and paging systems for all sized medical facilities

The varied institutions and facilities dictates that no one solution fits all, as the primary, secondary, tertiary and public heath requirements vary greatly and operate from dense metro environments but stretch to rural long distance needs.

Communications can be greatly overlooked in facilities both in metro and rural Australia and with the digital era going forward in leaps and bounds the uses of Radio, Paging, Data and WiFi/Wimax can be a practical solution in may applications like Staff coordination, Security and CCTV applications and let’s not forget the traditional conventional Two Way Radio Voice communications which with the new digital technology makes clarity unmatched to the analogue legacy systems.

Future Systems will assess, upgrade, design and supply a communications system to suit the specification and budget of our client. and within the means and budget of every institute reaching into far our locations into the depths of the largest hospitals and health complexes

Technologies that are often considered in health could be

  • Paging (In House and State-wide).
  • Wide Area Data Networks
  • Vehicular/Handheld VHF/UHF Trunking (Third Party Network provider)
  • WiFi – CCTV , Messaging and Data.
  • Security-OH&S ( Personal Tracking, Management and Voice recording).
  • Scada (Supervisory Control and data Acquisition).
  • LMDR (Land Mobile Digital Radio – HF SSB Long Distance Communications).