HF-Oz HF Network

HF Oz (including the Radtel network) is a HF Network owned and operated by Future Systems. The network is a 5 site system covering the whole of Australia and predominantly is used for radio telephone calls, Selcall text to SMS, Selcall text to email and GPS location services. We also allow vehicle to vehicle communications on our licensed frequencies.

The radio telephone component uses all 5 sites and allows users with a HF radio installed in their vehicle to make radio to telephone calls at a fraction of the cost of using a satellite phone. Our plans start at $130/year with $30 included calls to $205/year when bundled with our HFoZ capability. Additional calls are $0.20/minute

To access our messaging and GPS options we use three of the 5 sites to take selcall text and GPS messages to create SMS and email messages from your vehicle. Messages can also be left on our web site to be retrieved by vehicles. We provide you access to our web site which you can provide to your family and friends that allow them to leave messages for you and for them to see on an interactive map where you have logged your position.

Our HF Oz plan is $149/year which allows you the ability to log your GPS position and to leave text messages on your portal on our web site as well as to send messages to Email and SMS as well as to retrieve messages left for you on your portal.

We also have a combined plan that provides you our messaging services as well as the radio telephone functionality and an add-on feature called emergency assist which allows you to use a short form directory to make calls to RFDS, Police, Emergency services, RAC, NRMA, etc.

The frequencies we have licensed for our network have almost exclusive (a few frequencies have some other very light traffic users).


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